Support for Savings: How Microfinance Partners add Value to their Clients

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Whole Planet Foundation’s funds are provided to our partner microfinance institutions (MFIs) to be distributed to borrowers as microloans or in-kind productive assets (like cows, sewing machines, or solar lamps). For most of our partners, the loan is given in a “credit-plus” context. This means that the MFI would provide …

The Importance of Savings in Burkina Faso

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View a French translation of this blog post. Madeleine, the President of one of Yikri Burkina Faso’s microfinance groups, has successfully taken business loans to support livestock rearing activities. However, when explaining the difference the Yikri program had made in her life, she first recounted not the impact of credit on …

Alterna Savings

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We have funded microcredit clients through Alterna Savings in Canada. As co-operative financial institution, Alterna Savings is deeply committed to the communities they serve. Alterna has seen first-hand the impact a microloan can have on underserved entrepreneurs. Literally a life changer, these loans help increase income which results in better …

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Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company

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Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company (OCSSCO) is a registered and licensed microfinance institution operating in Oromia National Regional State of Ethiopia. Primarily it aims to provide credit at an affordable rate, savings which provide depositors with a return, and increasingly general full micro-banking services in key large towns.


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Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit though FEDInvest in Albania. In the aftermath of the collapse of the Communist state in 1991 the economic impact was immediate as State economic structures collapsed and the population had little experience with capitalism or enterprise development. With the assistance of World Bank funding in …

Celebrating International Widows Day in Egypt with Global Fund for Widows

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For over a decade, the United Nations has been observing June 23rd as International Widows’ Day. This day serves as a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to the voices of widows and their experiences. This year, the Global Fund for Widows (GFW) is pleased to celebrate  International Widows Day with …


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Bissanu grew a jewelry store in Ilam using her microloan from NULBSL.

“Faftai!” Covid Revival Loans Finance Kava Micro-Entrepreneurs in Vanuatu

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Since 2012, Lorina had worked at her own tourism business, selling souvenirs to tourists, particularly those who would arrive on cruise ships to Port Vila.  Lorina joined Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partner South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Vanuatu in 2017.  She had previously been involved with a different microfinance program, …


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Aurora owns and operates a Western wear store in Houston, Texas.