KIEDF Client Profiles

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Jamina is a determined, strong women who has overcome many challenges in her life. She is educated and over the last two years has taken her life in a new positive direction. She opened an alternative treatment center, first working from her home, and then when her clientele became too large, found a new high end location. Jamina tailors to a specific clientele but makes sure her treatments are accessible to many. She provides alternative healing treatments and lectures. This loan enabled her to purchase needed equipment and furniture for her new location.

Jamina is working to grow her business, strengthen her family’s economic situation and becoming a real community leader. Through her business she has gained confidence and works to show others how they can also succeed.

Rania is from the upper Galilee. She is in her early 20s and gained her BA in business management while completing cosmetic and treatment training. Rania strives for success and after working for others knew she could make her own business succeed. She opened a salon on the first floor of her home, with living quarters above. The salon has a separate entrance and is accessible to customers from the surrounding towns. Rania keeps up to date and trained in latest treatments and has an excellent base of steady and walk in customers. She is known for the quality of her treatments and personal care to each of her customers. Without this loan Rania would not have been able to keep her business up to date with the latest treatments and machines. Rania is working to one day have a full service salon serving the region.

Amna owns a minimarket in Shaab. Her minimarket is well run and she is slowly building up  her business. In preparation for Ramadan, Amna wanted to increase her stock and begin some minor renovations. The Sawa loan enabled her to meet demands for the holiday, take the opportunity to increase her income and strengthen her business. Amna is also working with her loan officer to better plan and prepare for high demand seasons and months where income is lower. Amna’s dream is to keep growing her store into a full neighborhood supermarket.