Legacy Giving

Honor your loved one with planned giving through a will or other formal designation. Legacy gifts are typically prepared with a financial planner or personal attorney and are meant to reflect your values and desires to support a mission with a lasting impact, like global poverty alleviation. Most donors want to leave a legacy or memory of their life through their posthumous giving, but legacy giving can take a number of forms, including recurring donations that begin when the donor chooses.  

Join the Sisters Shirin & Rashne Legacy Fund here.

Whole Planet Foundation is launching its Legacy Giving program in honor of Shirin Desai Gibson, sister to long-time Whole Foods Market team member Rashne Desai.

My sister Shirin Desai Gibson, whose name means “sweet” in Persian, had the most magnetic smile, magnanimous heart and intuitive eyes. Shirin was a powerful creator with magnificent intent and purpose, both in life and in spirit. On December 12th, 2020, she unexpectedly passed away in her sleep, just as the heavenly bodies of Jupiter and Saturn were crossing paths to converge into the Star of Bethlehem. The timing of her transitioning was truly astronomical as she was as unique, rare and exquisite as this celestial event that took place only once, 2000 years ago.

As sisters, we forged a sacred bond through our grand passion for food and our quest to curate the perfect bite during many memorable food journeys around the world. For the last 20 years, Shirin was a brilliant educator who spent every day fulfilling her highest calling, which was to serve and impact every child, one at a time. 

Growing up in India, we witnessed a vast prevalence of social injustices among underprivileged women often caused by extreme poverty. Our great grandfather founded a private school for girls called Young Ladies High School, through which my family provided scholarships for young girls whose parents could not afford to educate them.  Education gave these young girls the confidence and tools to generate their own visibility and make a better life for themselves.

Through Whole Planet Foundation, we have established the Sisters Shirin and Rashne Legacy Fund in honor of my sister Shirin. Donations made through this fund will be a meaningful gift that keeps on giving to a global tribe of vibrant, creative and talented women entrepreneurs who are in need of microloans to start a small business. Having access to resources through this Legacy Giving Program will enable them with the opportunity to transform their lives, achieve financial independence to provide for their families, and build their own legacies for generations to come. 

Shirin, you are my “Jaan” (my darling, my soul, my everything), and you inspire me every day.” 

Join the Sisters Shirin & Rashne Legacy Fund here.

To establish your Legacy Giving, contact WPF’s Development and Outreach Director Joy.Stoddard@wholefoods.com