Plan with a Purpose: New Whole Planet Foundation Calendars are Coming Soon!

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2014 WPF calendar cover_high res resized for blogWhole Planet Foundation’s 2015 calendars will be available at Whole Foods Market U.S. stores starting October 17! The calendars, which support our microlending programs in 61 countries, cost $3.50 apiece and include $35 worth of coupons for natural and organic products.  The calendar also features photos and stories of microcredit clients from 13 countries where we fund microlending programs, most of them captured by our field team.

Sujata, featured on the cover, is a microcredit client of our partner CASHPOR in Uttar Predesh, India. She has been a recipient of microloans for two consecutive years, using them to maintain her prospering business of raising chickens with her husband, to expand her business onto a larger farm and to purchase more chickens. Sujata plans to ask for another loan for the next cycle to continue developing her business with her husband, and she dreams of building better housing for their family to make their home sturdy against monsoon rains and to protect it from the harsh sun.

Since 2006, Whole Planet Foundation calendar sales have generated more than $800,000 for the foundation, empowering more than 4,300 people with a loan and an opportunity to start or expand their home-based businesses and lift themselves out of poverty. Our goal is to sell 70,000 of the 2015 calendars and raise $245,000 to help empower impoverished women entrepreneurs like Sujata to change their own lives.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our supplier sponsors for funding calendar production and for offering these amazing coupons, redeemable at Whole Foods Market U.S. stores:

And, we would also like to give special thanks to our friends at Mambo Sprouts Marketing. Every year, they partner with us to secure supplier sponsorships, design the calendar and ensure all 70,000 arrive to Whole Foods Market stores and facilities. Without them, it would not be possible for us to donate 100% of the funds raised through calendar sales to support microentrepreneurs and their famillies around the globe.

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  1. The Whole Planet Foundation is such a great force for change. Thank you to all the companies that showed leadership and embraced the values of Whole Foods by helping such a great cause!

    This is also great because I can save a lot of money! Can’t wait to use the coupon for Just Cookie Dough!

  2. I purchased this beautiful calendar while visiting in Charlottte NC. I would like a few more but do not live near a whole foods? Searched but to no avail, any ideas?

    1. Hi Susan, we’re thrilled that you enjoy the calendar so much! They are available only in Whole Foods Market stores. Will you be traveling near one again soon, or do you have a friend near one of the locations? Please visit and scroll to store locator–that can be a great start. Please feel invited to write back with how else we can help!

  3. Hi, I love the Whole Planet Foundation Calendars. and support the foundation by purchasing them for gifts every year but have not seen them in the store this year. ARe we selling them?

  4. That is very disappointing to hear that you have discontinued your calendar for the 2016 year.
    I have enjoyed your calendar for the past years, and will miss it very much..

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