Real Estate Agents Reducing Poverty is a turnkey way to contribute to poverty alleviation in the United States and around the globe. Join Real Estate Agents Reducing Poverty by donating $174, the average first microloan, or more when you sell your next home. Continue reading to learn more about why real estate agents like Tony believe it's important to give back to local and global communities.

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A Real Estate Agent with Purpose: Tony's Story


“I became a realtor for three primary reasons: 1) I love helping others 2) timing had never been right when I had considered it previously 3) after traveling for work every week for 25+ years, I was ready to work where I live. The reason I chose to continue to support Whole Planet Foundation is because I sincerely believe in their mission. I had the extraordinary opportunity in my previous career to both support and visit specific locations around the globe where Whole Planet Foundation was impacting communities and hear the stories directly from microcredit clients and how microloans had dramatically changed their lives.”

- Tony Huston, Tony Sells SLC Real Estate

Read the rest of the media release featuring Tony on 3BL Distributed Media in the Whole Planet Foundation newsroom.

More Real Estate Advocates

Lorraine Kayser, Allure Realty

“Since I am in the middle of 90 hours of continuing education, I will say that realtors happen to be a very ethical and caring group of people. RESPA and the Equal Opportunity Housing Act of 1968 were further Amended by Title VII to offer Fair Housing for all including race, religious affiliation, marital status, gender, and handicaps and there are two more that I need to memorize. In a nutshell a good lot of folks bound by honesty and integrity.”

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