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A BIG thanks to Danielle Adams from S’well Bottle for contributing this post.

Here at S’well, we believe in creating a positive impact on the world. We achieve this by creating eco-friendly products and contributing to charitable organizations. By helping those in need, we can help to create a cleaner, healthier, and happier world to live in. This year, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation in honor of a holiday that is near and dear to the S’well mission, Earth Day!

Swell Bottle GraphicFor Earth Day, each member of the S’well team has made a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. We know that by eating locally grown produce and walking to work, we can do our part to reduce these harmful emissions. We have also filmed our pledges in hopes to inspire the people around us to take a look at their own carbon footprint. You can find all of the S’well videos on our twitter (@swellbottle) and instagram (@swellbottle) pages. In addition to our personal pledges, on April 22nd, we will be selling our limited-edition Earth Day S’well bottles.

These exclusive Earth Day S’well bottles, sold online will retail for $30, and for every bottle sold we will donate $5 to the Whole Planet Foundation. These bottles can be found at S’well is proud to support that 100% of the proceeds to the Whole Planet Foundation are used for microloans to help fund female entrepreneurs in less-privileged communities. We believe that the empowerment of women is an important tool in raising these communities above the poverty line.

Charities like the Whole Planet Foundation are essential in the fight to end poverty around the globe. By working with the Whole Planet Foundation, S’well is making the world a better place one bottle at a time.

S’well has generously donated 5 of their special Earth Day bottles. Leave a comment below and tell us what you’re doing to celebrate Earth Day for your chance to win!

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  1. I discussed Earth Day with my 9 year old daughter today. We recycle, donate, and reuse items whenever possible. Trying to make the Earth a better place for her on a daily basis.

  2. love the bottle design – and it’s for a good cause! For earth day I went round to my little sisters primary school and planted trees with her class. She’s going to have a green thumb if she doesn’t already! resolution: to do more charity work especially outdoors! 🙂

  3. This Earth Day I helped teach people at work how to properly reduce, reuse, and recycle properly! We are holding a big event on Saturday for the public as well to meet our local disposal systems, learn the wonderful ways of compost and see TrashMan in action! Go Mother Earth!!!

  4. I was working in my garden today, I also went and donated some items to the local charity. I planted some strawberries and rode my bike to the store with my reusable bags.

  5. Working for a nonprofit organization myself, it’s great (and reassuring) to hear about for-profit organizations doing their work with a sense of social consciousness and responsibility. Kudos to S’well for supporting the Whole Planet Foundation!

  6. Our daughter is having a “Coins for Conservancy” fundraiser to benefit the Catawba Lands Conservancy, collecting spare change from her classmates, neighbors, family and friends. We are also participating in her school’s Earth Day celebrations this week. Today, on Earth Day, I went for a 5-mile hike at Latta Nature Preserve, just to get out and enjoy spring!

  7. We planted a veggie and herb garden today. Also threw in some flowers for the bees. We will reduce our footprint by not having to consume an pollute just to eat. My two year old is ecstatic to see what veggies will grow. He adores gardening.

  8. I talked to all of my students about the importance of a refillable water bottle. It is like giving Mother Nature little kisses on her cheek every time they refill instead of purchase new. They are learning to vote with their dollars and this project is a brilliant example how their choices are actually impacting the planet.

  9. Starting our urban garden! Now that spring is here we can plant our fruits, veggies, and herbs in their containers. Even the kids are excited 🙂

  10. I helped my Whole Foods Market store in West Des Moines host a Garden Party for a local school! We had a picnic, learned how to plant seeds in egg cartons, won prizes, & made a trash sculpture!

  11. Happy Earth Day! I will never use any other water bottle! They are stylish and appropriate for any situation, they keep my drinks cold or hot, don’t leak and have no condensation so I can just throw one in my purse. The bust investment I have ever made!

  12. What a beautiful Earth Day it was! I enjoyed talking to my friends, family and coworkers about how important it is to celebrate Earth Day every day. I especially focused on the topic of recycling and how EASY it is to do so and the relevance of making it a lifestyle. In conversation of, my coworker introduced me to the S’well bottle. I am so excited about your product and TOTALLY plan on spreading the news!

  13. I planted a tree and some organic plants, hung out my hummingbird feeder, & took out extra stuff from my car trunk because extra weight in your car decreases fuel efficiency; replaced my showerheads w/ lower flow ones.

  14. We don’t just celebrate our earth ONE day a year – we do this EVERY DAY, in every way, with every action. Our garbage fits bi-weekly into one little grocery bag, while our compost and recycling don’t fit into the massive bins we use for them! Lights not being used? Off. Water only running while using it – to (ahem) refill our reusable bottles. But I do need a new one after mine is cracking alas…. 🙂 REUSE first and always.

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